Welcome to my website  

With Carolyn Cares I provide professional maternity care.

I offer care that connects to the wishes and lifestyle of your family.

What can you expect:

Personal intake

One point of contact before - during - after.

In the maternity week a lot of practical tips. Support for breastfeeding, (I've got a lot of experience) or bottlefeeding. New parenthood.

The most important is that after the maternityweek, both of you have the confidence to take care of your newborn baby.

About me.......

In 2011 I decided to change my profession, went back to school. This decision was the best one. I can honestly say I've got the best job in the world.

For several years i worked for a large company, gained a lot of experience. Assisted by home/hospital deliveries. Student guidance.

Through the years working as a nurse, noticed that 1 nurse (max 2) works for the best care.

Working as an independent nurse I can give the care that is needed, what brings more peace, which is a priority during this whole week.

I'm married, have 2 kids

I'm registered at KCKZ 202424,KIWA certificate 28249, got my first-aid and on a regular base I follow further trainings to keep me up to date, some are mandatory some are voluntary.

If you have questions or want to sign-up feel free to email or call me.